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School Personalized Learning Model

I have created a Personalized Learning Model that has been adopted for use as part of a school wide effort to implement Personalized Learning.  In this system, teachers create standards based learning targets that students work through.  Key components of the model are student voice in strategies and assessment and personalized student pacing. The implementation also includes the PDSA Model and targets continuous improvement.

Flex 14: School Schedule Design

I was part of the leadership committee charged with creating and implementing a high school schedule that would allow for increased collaboration time for staff, greater empowerment of students to access resources they need for academic success, and classes that vary in duration and size to allow for student and staff creativity.  I spent time working with staff and helping lead during in-service workshop time.

Project |02



  • Combining a strong technology background and personal communication skills, I am able to work with individuals or groups both face-to-face and in a variety of technology enhanced work environments.

  • In Practice: When working with Bridges Virtual Academy, I collaborated with the administrative team on learning target creation and assimilation of the targets into Project Foundry, a web based instructional platform.


  • Leading groups in goal setting, project timelines and implementation practices. 

  • In Practice: As the School District K-12 Social Studies Content Coordinator, I have often led small and large groups in the process of developing SLO's and other Educator Effectiveness System components.


  • Getting information through to administrators, parents, teachers and students.  Whether it be live and in person or via electronic devices.

  • In Practice: While leading a cross-curricular committee, I communicated concepts and ideas effectively through in-person oratary skills, online collaboration documents and the Moodle online platform.

Building Group Consensus

  • Introducing a new concept to a group and explaining its merit to gain collective acceptance.

  • In Practice: As a Department Chair Leader I introduced new structural and teaching strategies in ways to gain acceptance and support for new initiatives.

Working With Challenging People and Situations

  • Skillfully communicating resolutions to challenges and solving problems that people come to me with.

  • In Practice: With over ten years of experience in owning and managing a business, I have become skilled in finding ways to work through a variety of issues and situations with people from all walks of life.  


  • Many different technologies have allowed me to communicate, collaborate, demonstrate, share and get things done.  

  • In Practice:  While instructing a class, I have used Prezi to allow students to collaborate on a class project.  While students work with each other in the virtual classroom, I make virtual appearances and check on their progress.

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