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a bit about me:

I worked my way through the public school system and have gone on to gain further education in the UW System and Marian University. Professionally speaking, I’m going on 20 years in public education with experience in several Wisconsin school districts.  While the first 10 years were very focused on learning how to be a good teacher, the last 10 have been a steady transition to administrative leadership.  A very important mentor in my life once told me that I should “do the thing that makes my heart beat faster.”  In other words, to do what I’m passionate about.  Given that advice, it is clear to me that I belong in school leadership.


I grew up on a farm on the banks of the Pensaukee River near Oconto, WI.   Helping my Dad with farm work showed me what a strong work ethic looked like.  In addition to working hard, I learned from early on to hold a high value of family, faith, and the Green Bay Packers.  I have now been married for close to twenty years and have four fantastic kids of my own living in Wausau, WI.  The highest priorities in my life continue to be faith, family, and modeling a strong work ethic for my children.  In addition, I enjoy travel, backpacking, wandering around Wyoming, John Wayne movies, old Ford Mustangs, and simply hanging out with my family.

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